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Join our study to reduce complaints of osteoarthritis with our new food

Does your dog have osteoarthritis in one or more legs, as diagnosed by your veterinarian with clinical and radiological examination? Join our study to help your dog and other dogs with our research on a new nutraceutical for osteoarthritis!

Currently, the veterinary specialists and researchers of the University Clinic for Companion Animal Health are collaborating with Darling Ingredients to study a new nutritional supplement for dogs with osteoarthritis: Collagen Hydrolysates.

Border Collie artrose

For this clinical study, we are looking for dogs:

  • That weigh between 10-50 kg with osteoarthritis in one or more legs
  • The diagnosis has been confirmed with X-rays or other diagnostic imaging modalities
  • Without concurrent disease, food allergies or obesity
  • Without other orthopedic or neurological abnormalities

Based on your dog’s clinical history, and an intake consultation by one of our veterinary specialists, our researchers will discuss with you whether your dog is an appropriate candidate to participate in this study. Do you want to join our study? Leave your contact information here, and one of our researchers will contact you.

Collagen hydrolysates may help osteoarthritis patients

Collagen hydrolysates are a nutritional supplement that is made from collagen, which is an important component of cartilage in the joint. It is thought to deliver building blocks for cartilage, that could stimulate the renewal of joint cartilage and prevent the deterioration of the joint during osteoarthritis. Joint pain and joint inflammation are also reduced by this supplement. Collagen hydrolysates have been studied in several clinical studies in humans that reported reductions in joint pain and improvements in mobility of affected patients. Our researchers are investigating whether this also holds true for dogs. For this, the collagen hydrolysates have been processed in a complete dog food.

Participating in the study

  • You will receive a complete dog food for your dog for the duration of the study (3 months), along with a personalized feeding advise
  • You will visit the University Clinic for Companion Animal Health in Utrecht 4 times: During the intake examination, at the start of the study, and at 6 and 12 weeks on the new diet
  • Every 3 weeks you will be send a questionnaire
  • During the study, you will only feed the dog food to your dog
  • If your dog displays osteoarthritis-related pain during the study, you will get medication (Rimadyl) to reduce the pain

About the study

To objectively study the effect of our dog food, about half of the dogs will receive a so-called placebo. This is also a complete dog feed, but it does not contain collagen hydrolysates. Dogs will be divided randomly over both diets, and you and our researchers will not know in what group your dog is during the study. It is also not possible to get the other food after the study.